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OptiCIM™ is an inventory management system specifically designed for manufactures, distributors or retailers of stock length materials who wish to benefit from optimized cutting by minimizing material waste and costs. This software includes a linear material optimizer and solver enabling a materials manager to quickly generate optimized cutting plans based on multiple customer orders and current inventory. The material manager may initiate the auto-filling of purchase orders for missing materials required to fulfill customer orders or to replenish stocks based on preset min quantities and order quantities. In addition to managing standard inventoried stock lengths it also manages reusable off-cut material remnants.

The system can be configured to support one Material Manager station and up to four additional Client Services stations. The Client Services stations are used to generate customer quotations and manage customer accounts and orders. These stations have read-only access to the inventory database and are able to produce most reports. All inventory control and cutting related task are done exclusively via the System Manager station.

Features and Benefits

  • User-friendly intuitive interface
    Little or no training required to learn and use
  • Easy installation
    Can get up and running with minimum technical expertise
  • Multi-station support
    Shared access and functionality by a team
  • Flexible and fast cut optimizer
    Ensures optimum use of inventoried materials for maximum order fulfillment and savings.
  • Inventory control of remnants
    Renders cut-off material reusable to minimize waste and maximize order fulfillment with current stock
  • Detailed graphical cutting plans
    Minimize cutting errors and potential costs
  • Detailed picking list reports
    Ensure correct materials are shipped to specific client

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