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MultiCIM Technologies Inc. technical staff provide services on all MultiCIM developed and third party software products that we promote. MultiCIM is the developer of all eXtractoflex and eXadox technology-based software in addition to OptiCIM, ABC Planner, ProMenu and ProKey. Major third-party products include AutoMod, Simul8, TeleForm, Liquid Office and ZetaFax. MultiCIM has been providing software products and related services since 1986 and will undertake to ensure that all services offered to clients on all the above products are of the ultimate quality and that there is complete satisfaction.


Training is done on the as needed basis and one on one but provisions can be made for training in group sessions. Training can be offered at the clients facilities, in our office or remotely via an Internet connection.

Software customization and integration services

MultiCIM applications are developed using technologically advanced tools some of which have been engineered by MultiCIM. It is therefore possible to provide extensions and customization to MultiCIM products very quickly and at minimal costs. If any of the standard products offered require special integration or additional functionality to satisfy specific client requirements, please send us your request. We have had extensive experience with our third-party products especially as it relates to Teleform and Liquid Office E-forms and can handle any requirement no matter the complexity.

Forms design and E-forms development

We have over 10 years of experience in forms design in both paper and electronic forms that destined for automated forms processing. Automated forms processing involves the auto-capture of the forms data input by the user in order to minimize or eliminate manual data entry. We can provide live and dynamic e-forms that can be filled interactively by users. These forms can be PDF or HTML format.

Simulation consulting services

We have been involved with simulation technology since 1992 and have worked on major industrial simulation projects throughout North America. We have provided consulting services relating to mining, aerospace, automotive, warehousing, material handling, sorting, transportation and logistics, health services and metal processing. We work with AutoMod and Simul8 simulation software.

Technical support and maintenance

We offer support and maintenance services for all MultiCIM and third-party software products. Support services are offered via telephone, email or remotely via Internet. There are extra fees for on-site support services. Our maintenance services include free upgrades. To take advantage of our support and maintenance services our clients must purchase and prepay an annual S&M contract based on the specific products being serviced.

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